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The Moldova visa requirements for a long-stay visa are:

  • Moldova Visa Application Form
  • Your passport or other travel document, which is issued in the last ten years and valid for at least another three months past the date you will depart Moldova.
  • A recent colored picture with 35mm x 45mm dimensions
  • An invitation letter from the Bureau for Migration and Asylum
    • Or, alternatively, a visa or residence permit issued by an EU member state
  • Travel health insurance, covering at least €30,000 for the duration of your stay
  • Certificate of police clearance
  • For Moldova Work Visa: You need a Work Permit, issued by the National Agency for Employment of the Ministry of Economy
  • For Moldova Student Visa:
    • Proof you can financially fund your stay, yourself or through a scholarship
    • Letter of confirmation/enrollment from the Moldova educational institution
  • For Moldova Family Visa:
    • Authorization issued by the Bureau for Migration and Asylum that you have met the conditions on family reunion
    • Proof of family ties, such as a birth or marriage certificate
  • Any other documents which are requested of you and which support your application


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